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Introduction & Case description

How we helped a Venture Capital Firm make better investments.

Venture capital (VC) firms navigate a complex landscape of high-risk, high-reward investments. Identifying promising startups with disruptive potential and assessing their long-term viability is crucial for success. However, traditional methods often rely on intuition, industry trends, and limited data, leading to subjective decision-making and missed opportunities.


Our client, a leading venture capital with investment portfolio across the globe were planning to invest aggressively in the social commerce and EV automobile verticals. Before they get into this, they wanted a complete understanding of these markets in the SEA region along with customer trends and competitive analysis. They sought to enhance their investment strategy by incorporating data-driven insights and a deeper understanding of market dynamics. Their challenge was twofold:


  1. Lack of comprehensive market data: They needed a holistic view of emerging technologies, competitor landscapes, and potential market disruptions across various sectors.
  2. Limited understanding of target startups: They desired deeper insights into startup potential, including team expertise, product value proposition, and market fit.
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Our SOlution

Industry Monitoring Research

We implemented a multi-pronged research approach to address these challenges:

  1. Industry Trend Analysis: We conducted a comprehensive analysis of EV and social commerce industries, identifying key trends, technological advancements, and potential market disruptors. We utilized industry reports, expert interviews, and data analysis tools to paint a clear picture of the evolving landscape.
  2. Competitive Intelligence: We also analyzed the portfolios and investment strategies of major competitors, uncovering their preferred sectors, investment criteria, and areas of focus. This helped our client identify potential blind spots and differentiate their investment approach.
  3. Target Startup Assessment: We conducted in-depth research on selected startups in the region to provide comprehensive due diligence insights to assess their viability, long-term potential, and potential risks.
The results

Enhanced investment decision-making

Our research resulted in significant improvements for the VC firm:

  • Reduced Investment Risk: The comprehensive market and competitor analysis enabled the firm to identify and avoid potentially risky investments that did not align with their long-term strategy.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The insights were crucial for the investment team who were looking to gather as much information as possible to make data enabled smarter investment decisions. They were able to benchmark these insights while making new investments in the sector and also guide the portfolio companies.