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Industry Policy Makers

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Market Research for Industry Association & Policy Bodies

Industry associations and bodies play a vital role in shaping and supporting their respective industries. To effectively advocate for their members and drive positive change, they need to be equipped with a deep understanding of the industry landscape, member needs, and emerging trends. 


At knometrix, we deliver thought leadership and advocacy. Market research empowers industry associations and bodies to gather evidence-based insights and data-driven arguments to support their advocacy initiatives, position themselves as thought leaders, and influence policy decisions that impact their industry.


Our suite of customized market research solutions is designed to meet the unique needs and objectives of industry associations and bodies, offering a comprehensive approach to gathering actionable insights. From targeted B2B surveys aimed at understanding member needs, industry trends, and regulatory issues to consumer-centric B2C surveys that delve into market demand, brand perception, and consumer behavior, we provide organizations with the data-driven intelligence needed to make informed decisions and drive engagement. Additionally, our industry monitoring services offer real-time intelligence on market shifts, competitor strategies, and emerging technologies, enabling associations and bodies to stay ahead of the curve and proactively address challenges.

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Explore our Market Research for Industry Associations and Policy Makers:

At Knometrix, we are committed to helping industry associations and bodies with custom market research solutions to achieve their goals, strengthen their position in the marketplace, and drive positive change within their industries. Some of our capabilities include

  • Industry trends and forecasts: Stay ahead of the curve by monitoring and analyzing emerging trends, technological advancements, and regulatory changes impacting your industry. This allows you to proactively adapt your strategies and effectively advise your members.
  • Benchmarking studies: Compare your industry performance against other industry best practices and other relevant benchmarks. This helps you identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to strengthen the industry and effectiveness.
  • Market potential assessment: Evaluate the market potential for new initiatives, programs, or services, ensuring you are making informed decisions that contribute to your association’s growth and impact.
  • Public perception research: Understand how the public perceives your industry and your association’s role. This enables you to develop effective communication strategies to shape positive public perception and advance your industry’s reputation.

Advantages of Market Research for Industry Associations and Policy Makers

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Advocate effectively

Represent your members' interests with confidence and clarity, backed by data-driven insights into their needs and concerns.


Inform Advocacy & Policy Development

Gain data-driven insights to ensure your advocacy efforts and policy recommendations are grounded in the needs and realities of your members and the wider industry ecosystem.

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Drive industry growth

Contribute to the overall growth and prosperity of your industry by identifying opportunities, advocating for policy changes, and providing valuable resources to your members.

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Drive Member Engagement & Value

Understand member needs and preferences to create targeted programs, services, and resources that foster deeper engagement and provide tangible value for your members.

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Strengthen your association

Make informed decisions about membership offerings, program development, and resource allocation, maximizing your impact and value proposition for your members.

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Strengthen Industry Leadership

Stay informed and anticipate future trends, enabling you to proactively guide your industry and establish your association as a thought leader within the marketplace.

We serve a diverse range of clients, from large corporations to small businesses and startups.


Expert insight and analysis on the latest trends.

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