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Introduction & Case description

How we helped a Turkish Skincare brand enter the GCC market

A leading Halal skincare products company based in Turkey approached Knometrix with aspirations to expand its operations into the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market. With a portfolio of high-quality skincare products and a strong presence in the Turkish market, the client sought to capitalize on the growing demand for skincare solutions in the GCC region. However, lacking sufficient knowledge about the market dynamics, consumer preferences, and competitive landscape in the GCC, the client recognized the need for comprehensive market entry research to inform their expansion strategy.


Research Challenges:


Entering a new market presents numerous challenges, particularly in a region as diverse and dynamic as the GCC. Some of the key challenges faced by the client included:

  • Limited Market Understanding: The client lacked insights into the specific needs, preferences, and behaviors of consumers in the GCC market, making it difficult to tailor their products and marketing strategies effectively.
  • Cultural and Regulatory Differences: The GCC market is characterized by cultural diversity and unique regulatory requirements, which posed challenges for the client in terms of product formulation, packaging, and compliance with local regulations.
  • Intense Competition: The skincare market in the GCC is highly competitive, with both local and international brands vying for market share. Understanding the competitive landscape and identifying gaps and opportunities was essential for the client to differentiate their offerings and establish a foothold in the market.
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Our SOlution

Entry Strategy Focused on the Consumer Behaviour

To address these challenges, Knometrix employed a qualitative research approach, leveraging focus group discussions to gain deep insights into the GCC skincare market. The methodology consisted of the following steps:

  • Market Landscape Analysis: Knometrix conducted a thorough analysis of the skincare market in the GCC, including key players, distribution channels, and consumer trends. This provided the client with a comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape and market dynamics.
  • Focus Group Discussions: Knometrix organized focus group discussions with target consumers in select GCC countries to explore their skincare needs, preferences, purchasing behavior, and perceptions of different skincare brands. These discussions were conducted in Arabic and English to ensure inclusivity and cultural relevance.
  • Competitive Benchmarking: Knometrix conducted a comparative analysis of the client’s skincare products against competitors in the GCC market, assessing factors such as product attributes, pricing strategies, and marketing initiatives.
The results

A comprehensive market entry strategy

The market entry research conducted by Knometrix yielded valuable insights that informed the client’s expansion strategy into the GCC market.

  • Consumer Insights: Through focus group discussions, Knometrix gained deep insights into GCC consumers’ skincare routines, preferences, and purchasing behavior.
  • Competitive Analysis: Knometrix identified gaps in the market, such as limited availability of high-quality skincare products targeting specific skin concerns, which the client could capitalize on to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Brand Perception: The focus group discussions also provided valuable insights into GCC consumers’ perceptions of skincare brands.
  • Communication Strategy: By understanding the language preferences, media consumption habits, and content preferences of GCC consumers, we also recommended a targeted marketing and campaign strategy and that resonated with their target audience.
  • Purchase Channels and Influencers: Knometrix uncovered the importance of various purchase channels and influencers in the GCC skincare market.