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360° Market Research

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Knometrix has been at the forefront of the market research industry, pioneering new methodologies and setting the standard for excellence. Find out More


Knometrix work with leading brands in the areas of Market Research and Consulting.

We drive business decisions with better market intelligence & insights. We work with some of the world’s leading organizations to improve and transform the way they do business 


Driving business decisions with better market intelligence & insights

Global Market Intelligence

Knometrix provides you with global market research & insights to facilitate intelligent decision making. Our in-depth analysis and unique data-driven insights helps leading organizations in strategic decision-making. If your organisation is looking at boosting its competitive position with access to market insights, trends and benchmarking, we partner with you providing valuable insights and support to evolve the way you compete.

Enabling Future Growth

With market research, discover opportunities for business growth, uncover market trends and position yourself for the future. Map your business strategy and align it with the future of your industry.

Get Ahead of Competition​

Competitive intelligence helps you predict your competitors’ next moves and be prepared to counteract. Aids in benchmarking against competitors to better understand which areas your business can improve.

Make Strategic Decisions

Be if you are expanding to a new geography, diversifying or launching a new product/service, market research is invaluable in making data backed strategic decisions with informed confidence.

Be Customer-Centric

Understand the characteristics and behaviors of your audience to optimize your communication and marketing strategy. Aids in keeping your customer facing teams informed and develop winning pitches.

Custom Market Research Solutions for Various Industries

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