Reducing In-Store Employee churn for a retail chainEmployee Analytics

Employee engagement is key to company performance, leading to positive outcomes like higher productivity, better work quality, and reduced attrition.

Evaluating the needs, aspirations and desires of workers is critical to boost employee engagement and productivity. It is important to measure the following

  • Job Satisfaction
  • Alignment to vision and mission of the organisation
  • Alignment to culture of the organisation
  • Passion to work
  • Appreciation and Support from peers and management


One of our client from the retail industry, which is very labor intensive, was facing a high attrition rate in their store operations. Frequent hiring and training of new employees are time consuming and also expensive. 


We conducted ESAT research among the employees and the store managers at some of the selected locations.  Quantitative correlations analysis and qualitative text mining were used to identify the underlying reasons behind the churn. We measure the store employees happiness, satisfaction, sense of purpose, alignment with the company’s culture, goal and mission. 


Necessary actions were taken by the retail chain and invested more in training and capacity building. Post first year, the churn rate came under 25% from 60%. 

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