Industry Monitoring for a Venture Capital FirmIndustry Monitoring

How does Industry Monitoring Work?

Our industry monitoring services cater to research agencies, venture capital firms, PE firms, stock brokerages and financial institutions. We identify the latest trends and competitor activity to help our client take timely action.

We deliver customised reports based on our client requirements.


A large venture capital firm based out of Singapore wanted to closely monitor the Fintech industry in the south east Asian region. They were looking to potentially participate in a Series A or B funding rounds of a well performing Fintech startup. This was their first investment in Fintech and they wanted to understand the industry trends and movement before they invest.


Our dedicated team closely monitoring the Fintech and related industry for two quarters. Weekly report was delivered to the client with clear insights on 

  • Industry Sentiments
  • Government regulations
  • Company mapping
  • Customer preferences
  • Company Traction
  • SWOT & Risk Assessment

The information sources included newspapers, journals, app store/play store reviews and ratings etc


The venture capital firm was able to understand industry trends and invested USD 1.3M in a startup. 

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