Realtime Feedback System for an Automobile DealershipCustom Analytics Technology

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Feedback from the customers, across sectors like banking, hospitality, is very crucial to understand the pain points and improve customer satisfaction.

While traditional followup telephonic/F2F CSAT surveys captures this information, there are two major drawbacks 

  • Data is analysed and reviewed after weeks or months and the pain points would have escalated.
  • Customer tends to forget their experience after few days or weeks and the survey may lose crucial information. 

We developed a proprietary technology backed feedback collection tool which help management take corrective decisions instantly. Installed in premises of our customers’ showrooms/service centers, this tablet enabled app collects data from the customers and the management can view statistics/analytics instantly on their computers. This allows them to check feedback from customers at individual store/branch level, zone/province level and overall country level. 


Client is a large dealership chain of a leading automobile brand. They were facing the following challenges across various outlets 

  • Less sales conversions
  • Lack of satisfaction among prospective customers. 


Knometrix built a customised feedback mechanism to capture the customer feedback. The satisfaction data was collected using mobile phone/tablets installed at the POS/Exits of every store. Fresh memory of customers’ experience helped in generating very accurate feedback. The system captured

  • Overall experience at the dealership
  • Knowledge and courtesy of the salesman
  • Explanation of the product and after sales support
  • Test drive experience


Client was able to understand the pain points with customer’s experience at the showroom on a real time basis. Necessary action were taken to train the customer service executives and lead to better conversion in the next quarter. 

  • 30% improvement in sales post employee training and performance monitoring. 
  • Higher CSAT rating
  • More word of worth recommendations foot falls

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