Company overview

The forces of globalization and economic volatility are transforming the dynamics of customer – market interaction, presenting even the most successful organizations with new challenges and opportunities. Opportunities and threats abound in macro- and micro-economic trends that, when analyzed and interpreted correctly, can inform compelling, powerful and responsive strategies.

With the explosive growth of big data and analytics, organizations are looking for ways to harness and turn massive volumes of raw data into smart insights. Today, businesses can analyze, monitor and predict outcomes faster than ever before and those that do, outperform their peers by 2 times. 

At knometrix, we focus on impact, insight, intuition, and proven methodologies to solve the world’s most complex and critical problems.  We deliver forward-thinking research, analytics, and technology to help business solve their most pressing problems.

We are a research analytics and technology consulting firm with the experience and track record of helping top organizations and their leadership teams achieve winning performance and build stronger organizations.

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“Knometrix has been consistently performing well and delivering value to our marketing division. Highly professional consultants with excellent problem solving skills.”

Damian S
Vice President - Marketing (MENA Region), Large FMCG multinational

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